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The Red Carpet Update Log


Experimental guestbook added (8/14/06)

Isle of the Mighty Chapter 2 posted (8/11/06)

Isle of the Mighty Chapter 1 posted (8/11/06)

New original fiction section The Fae opened (8/11/06)

Site gets another facelift  (8/10/06)

Character pages updated and combined (6/6/05)

News article: Masters of Masquerade (6/6/05)

First three chapters of modern-era story Changing Winds added (4/13/05)

Media Section added  (4/5/05)

Live Journals added  (4/5/05)

Shadow's Song Chapter 1 Rewrite posted  (4/5/05)

Site gets a facelift   (4/5/05)