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Site Rules



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Site Rules


      Ok, everyone, the rules are as follows, so be sure to read them!

No Flames!

If you did not like what you saw or read, then don't flame us - you have been forewarned that this RPG is Not Rated.  If you were offended, we are terribly sorry, but you are responsible for what you view.

Also, if you are a Tolkien fanatic who must abide by the rules, then this is not the site for you.  Make note that though this deviates from the original Middle Earth, we are aware of our differences and the liberties we have taken.  Remember, it is all in good fun.

No Plagiarism!

This is a big nono.  All original characters/ideas/places/objects/etc. are copyrighted to us!  And be assured, we will crack down on any who try to steal them.  Elen'dae, Anarwyn, Dwarendel, and company belong to Nikki Ree.  Galadhen, Cianar, Elanon and company are the property of Michel.  And any stories we have written published here are also ours, as well as art and photomanipulations under our names.