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"I hold on as if we belong to some precious pure dream, cast off, you've seen what's beneath...

Now fail me."

            Welcome to the Chronicles of Tirion, and the alternate universe in Middle Earth of the Shadow's Song RPG.  Shadow's Song is the epic, continuing story of the life of Elen'dae Ner'sil, and all those others who both entered his life and gave their lives to aid him.  Elen'dae Ner'sil is the king of Tirion, eldest son of Finarfin, third son of Finw, by Indis.  Through his life, his discovered a great and perilous gift - that of the power of his blood.  Ereinion Gil-galad held his love, and beyond his murder, Elen'dae wandered alone... until a simple, quiet healer in Eryn Galen (Greenwood) caught his heart, and their lives became shrouded in all the more mystery...

            Anger... deceit... love... death, power, and beauty.  All lie beyond the gates of this world.  Follow the map and see what you find.


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(8-10-06   Apologies to all!!  We have been busy for a while, and unable to update the website for a long time.  Though it may take time,  please forgive the administrators and we shall return to archiving as soon as possible!  Thank you for your patience!)


And check out the newest hot media addition: the video trailer for the upcoming World War II story Changing Winds fresh off the press.  Click here to check it out!


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