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Important Notice: All media files are uploaded in zip files.  In order to keep this site up and not exceed our bandwidth in one week, please limit downloads.  If the number of downloads exceed the bandwidth it will be necessary to email the administrators to get the files.

Trailer: Changing Winds  For the latest upcoming World War II story featuring Elen'dae, Galadhen, Feanor, Earvalin, and many others.  Dwarendel goes missing when her home is destroyed, launching the elves fast dwindling in a modern world to go into battle.  All footage taken from various anime. Footage assembled by Nikki Ree.  Sound effects and score assembled by Michel.  With the voices of Nikki Ree for Elen'dae and Michel for Feanor (the narrator) and Galadhen; and FDR as himself.

(video file will be uploaded soon as a technical difficulty is overcome! Apologies for delay!)