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This is a collaborative effort of writings by both authors, so some profiles may seem different in style than others.  As this is an AU story, we take no punishment for our liberties with Tolkien's story and timelines.  This section is always under revision, so check back occasionally.


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Alethyn Falathion       (Picture unavailable)  Like Anarwyn, there is very little known about Alethyn. He appeared nearly the same day as Anarwyn did, and right out of no where. One of the reasons no one knows where he’s from or what he’s doing here is because he rarely ever speaks. He spends most of his time around Anarwyn, following her like a duckling.

   What most people assume about Alethyn and Anarwyn is that they are bother and sister, or related in some way or another. However, there is nothing to prove that and Alethyn looks nothing like Anarwyn. Alethyn is a golden-haired Noldo, much like Glorfindel, with deep soft blue eyes. Of the four of them, (Elen’dae, Anarwyn, Alethyn and Della) Alethyn is the element of Earth, which for some odd reason Anduin inherited. He is an incredible swordsman and ended up teaching Elen’dae to fight when Fëanor was too busy teaching him how to be good in bed. Elen’dae and Alethyn used to have spars inside Tirion palace whenever he came home, and Elen’dae always won. One of the reasons that he always won was because, secretly, Alethyn let him.

    Alethyn visited Eryn-galen not long after Elen'dae's first encounter with Arnaedh and Galadhen.  Whilst his purpose was to watch out for the welfare of his king, Alethyn found himself attracted to the captain of Thranduil's southern border guard, Gillaron.  The generals crossed swords and found a mutual understanding that later grew into a more serious relationship.  (more to come)

Anarwyn Indelwëiel      There really isn’t much that’s known about Anarwyn. No one really knows where she came from, or how she just suddenly showed up in Tirion one day. The only one who would know any of her secrets is herself and perhaps her friend Alethyn, who unfortunately, is very dead. Anarwyn claims to be the granddaughter of Ingwë, which if taken into consideration, would mean that she is the High Queen of Elves, or would be if Ingwë were to die. She’s a Vanyan elf and secretly considers herself higher than a Noldo. Anarwyn is very much a mystery. She often appears and disappears out of nowhere. She also appears to know more than she let’s on, having knowledge that not many other elves do, there is a possibility she is older than she says she is. The possibilities on who Anarwyn really is are endless, she could be Ingwë’s daughter and not his granddaughter, she could really be a Maia like Maedhros once claimed her to be. She has about as much known history as Tom Bombadil and though people have asked her, she has never said anything about her past or her history. Anarwyn appeared one day in Tirion, just a few months after Fëanor had taken Elen’dae to his bed. Anarwyn knew Elen’dae to be an elemental just like her, and had thus taken it upon herself to train him in everything she knew, including a little equine spell called “Raennaur”. Anarwyn took part in one of the greatest scandals in Tirion and in the up rise of the Noldor. Though she took part in it, she was never actually involved. She stayed mostly to the sidelines, confusing most of the people she came across. She revealed a bit to Maedhros when she told him she could see his future and read his thoughts. Though Anarwyn had foresight as a child, it is a gift she is no longer blessed with, though she can read nature the same way the Silvan can. Anarwyn eventually made herself a healer, though she knows the way of the blade well enough to match King Thranduil Oropherion. She also became the advisor to Elen’dae Ner’sil and took over rule in Tirion when he was out making a bloody mess of Ennor. She knows of her friend’s darkness and his problems with Agarwaen, but whether she chooses to ignore it or sees it as an advantage she will never tell. When Elen’dae found Galadhen Cianarion in Eryn Galen (later known as Eryn Lasgalen) on the eve of Erulaitalë, Anarwyn knew this would be the start of something big. Her best friend finding the healer of Eryn Galen would throw their world into beauty and into chaos. Anarwyn came to Eryn Galen to check up on Elen’dae and his younger sister Della, who had taken a liking to Legolas Thranduilion. When she arrived she didn’t expect to drawn to Legolas’ father Thranduil, and she didn’t expect to fall in love with him either. Anarwyn married Thranduil Oropherion (as told in Shadow’s Song) and thus became the Queen of Eryn Galen. She had two children, a shy girl named Lorelleth and an adventurous boy named Sairin, who Legolas relinquished his title as Heir of Lasgalen to. Though much has changed in Anarwyn’s life, she is still as mysterious as the day she arrived in Tirion, having no known past, and no known history.

Anduin Legolasiel      Anduin Legolasiel is (currently) Dwarendel’s only daughter, and Elenion’s twin sister. She and her brother Elenion went to war when they were both only about fifteen and did so against their parents’ wishes. Once Anduin saw the blood and carnage in the battle against Aravar she was never the same again. Before she left her brother told her that she was too young and couldn’t handle it. She ignored him and went off to battle anyways, afraid that one night she would wake to the bond with her brother broken and him dead. She ended up loosing her mind at one point and her parents blamed it on the war, however, it was more than just that. Tinuriel’s husband became more than obsessed with Legolas’ daughter and murdered her best friend. In the end he was able to convince Anduin that it was her fault and that she would be punished for such a crime. However, Anduin had no knowledge or memory of committing such a thing. It was because of her words “he is protecting me” that triggered a memory of Elen’dae’s. The entire story of Elen’dae’s childhood was told to Galadhen who then pieced certain things together. Thranduil’s heir, and Anduin’s uncle (though she is older than he is) Sairin, created a bond with her to keep her from fading.

Aneron Delthôl       (Picture unavailable)  Aneron was pretty much considered to be a joke. The only thing he ever did right was managing to make Elen’dae incredibly angry at him. Though when it came to evil, he had the right idea. To get to Elen’dae he had to go through Galadhen. Unlike Aravar, Aneron never teamed up with Sauron, though he knew him.

   Aneron had once been an orphan child that Ereinion had taken in, along with his friend’s little girl, Celwyn. Like Eärvalin, Aneron had a strong hate for Elen’dae. When Elen’dae came to Lindon with Ereinion, everything changed. Ereinion didn’t pay attention to Aneron and his friend Celwyn anymore. He spent most of his time with Elen’dae. During one of his travels with Ereinion and Elen’dae to Tirion, he met a boy named Alorui. At the time, Alorui was young and wasn’t much more than a stable hand. Alorui didn’t start disliking Elen’dae until he met Aneron, who sort of warped his mind. Aneron and Alorui made a type of aphrodisiac that they ended up feeding to Galadhen. Because of the aphrodisiac, Galadhen lusted after Aneron and thus made Elen’dae very, very angry. Elen’dae committed one of the worst crimes and spilled blood in Valinor, on the steps of Tirion, no less.

   Though Aneron never actually teamed up with Sauron, he did team up with Aravar. He knew a few of Elen’dae’s weaknesses and thus helped the other out in trying to defeat him. But where Aravar lusted after Elen’dae, Aneron and Alorui wanted Galadhen and that was something Elen’dae was not willing to give. Aneron and Alorui were killed at the end of the third age by the hand of Anduin and Elenion in the battle between Elen’dae and Aravar.

Aravar Calengwa       Unlike what most like to think, Aravar was not always a twisted boy who lived in the shadows of Valinor. He was very bright as a child, almost at a genius level and often preferred his study and his books to playing with other children.  Reading, however, was not Aravar’s downfall. A similar attack happened in Aravar’s village that had happened in Alqualondë and the child was rendered an orphan. One of the reasons that Narsilion and Aravar were so easy to befriend one another was that their childhoods were in a sense one in the same. But where Narsilion followed around after Círdan, Aravar followed someone else.

       Aravar met Iâvorn when he was just a few years shy of his majority. Iâvorn was an eccentric sorcerer who dealt with all things dead and dying. A necromancer. The sorcerer taught Aravar that anything dead could be bended to one’s will, and thus began the corruption of the Noldo’s mind.  A fight occurred between the two in later years, when Iâvorn tried to take Aravar to bed with him, and ended in the sorcerer’s death. Aravar was again left alone, but this time with a corrupted mind and a bloodstained hand.

       When Aravar was in a tavern some years later he met up with Narsilion and found that there were some people in the world who weren’t as nasty as others, and that not everyone wanted to take him to bed. For the first time since his village was sacked he let his emotions go and fell in love with Narsilion.  However his love for Narsilion eventually faded when he met Elen’dae. As it happens to most who come in contact with Elen’dae, Aravar became completely and utterly entranced with him, to the point of obsession.  When Gil-gwath Agarwaen took control of Elen’dae, Narsilion left. Only Aravar stayed in the company of the demon. He found Agarwaen similar to himself, twisted, sickly and corrupted.

       On the day that Ereinion Gil-galad slew the demon with his spear, Aiglos, Aravar’s entire world was shattered. From that day on, he vowed to get Elen’dae back and destroy whoever got in his way.   Aravar hatched a plot during the war of the Ring in an agreement with Sauron.  Sauron was to provide all the armies and forces and power that Aravar needed, and in return, Aravar would deliver Galadhen Cianarion into his hands.  At the same time, Aravar created an army of the walking dead, those souls that belonged to Morgoth.  Unable to be killed, the army caused vast destruction on all kingdoms in which it went.  After the death of Sauron, all armies of Middle Earth united and focused their eyes on Lindon for a battle many times the size of the War of the Ring that laid waste half of Eriador.

       Aravar met his end with the successful capture and mind control of Elen'dae.  His head was severed at the hands of Galadhen Cianarion, the very healer that he had promised Sauron.

Arvalin Amrasion       Also known as Eärvalin Erinsûl and Mirefinwë in the tradition of Fëanorions, Arvalin was one of Ereinion Gil-galad’s high generals.  He was born in the first age, the son of an affair.  His father, Amras, passed on to Arvalin a curse of the Valar for the family of Fëanor that he would always know pain.  For the majority of his life in Ennor, if any injury were to come to him, he would never be able to fully heal it.  This curse was not broken until the Fourth Age, when the Valar relented and released Curufinwë Fëanaro back into the world of the living.  Fëanor then took his grandchild as a lover.  Angered by the curse when Arvalin was dying from it, Feanor beseeched the Valar to let him take council with them.  A pact was then made to free Arvalin, and the weight of future punishment would be dealt harshly onto Fëanor instead.

   Arvalin is striking in appearance.  His hair is red, like that of Nerdanel, and his eyes a pale blue that has been described as the color of both spring and winter.

   Arvalin and Elen’dae tolerate each other very little.  Before Ereinion was the lover of Elen’dae, Ereinion knew Arvalin intimately. Arvalin was Ereinion’s high general and was so until the battle of the Last Alliance in the Second Age when Ereinion was killed by Sauron.  In a battle before the Last Alliance, Arvalin was injured by Elen'dae's demon Agarwaen, bringing bad blood between them.  Eärvalin blamed Elen’dae for his injuries though Elen’dae had no recollection of ever hurting him.  And, true to form, Arvalin stubbornly accompanied Ereinion until his death at the Last Alliance.  Eärvalin blamed Elen’dae for Ereinion’s death and disappeared after the battle of the Last Alliance until the middle of the Fouth Age.

    Once Fëanor broke the curse of the Valar, Arvalin remained by his side to death and back again, until Arvalin's life settled into an easy pace, under the watchful care of his lover.


Dwarendel (Della) Finarfiniel      Out of Finarfin’s seven children, Della is the last. Though she was born of Eärwen, the same mother of Galadriel and Finarfin’s four other boys, she has the same sort of powers as Elen’dae and no one can understand why.  The birth of Dwarendel was a relatively hard one and ended up killing Eärwen in the process, leaving Finarfin to raise Della on his own. At the time of Della’s birth Finarfin was involved with trying to comfort Elen’dae and ease the pain of Fëanor’s rape, thus spending very little time with Della.

      Because Della had no mother to teach her how to be a lady, and her father spent all his time with Elen’dae, she came up with her own way of living and quite literally raised herself.  This resulted in a certain lack of manners under the thin veneer of the princess.  It wasn’t until she came to Eryn Galen to find Elen’dae, millennia after Ereinion’s death, that she finally shaped up and turned into the lady she should have been. And the only reason she ever had the will or want to make such a change was her interest in King Thranduil Oropherion’s only son (at the time), Legolas Thranduilion.

      It took some time, and a lot of work on Della’s part (as told in Shadow’s Song) before she won the heart of the slightly inexperienced prince of Eryn Galen. She ended up having three children with Legolas, (however she always seems to want more) Elenion, Anduin (twins), and Tathren


Elen'dae Ner'sil       Elen'dae is the eldest son of Finarfin, the third and youngest son of Finwë, King of Tirion and the Noldor, of the house of Finarphir. What could have been a rich history for Elen'dae was instead tainted by the fact that Elen'dae was the son of another woman unlike Finarfin's other children. This woman was later discovered to be none other than Thuringwethil, servant of Morgoth, in human form. Elen'dae inherited several traits from his mother that would later prove fatal to many. The first to discover his heritage was Curufinwë Fëanáro, eldest son of Finwe, and Finarfin's half-brother. Taking a keen interest in Elen'dae's talents, the youth came to live in Fëanor's household and, ultimately, in Fëanor's bed - this soon to become one of the largest scandals of Tirion, amid the uprise of the Noldor.

      Elen'dae eventually recovered after Fëanor's rape and set to Middle Earth to seek and kill his uncle, only to discover that Fëanor had died, and so Elen'dae came to be friends with Glorfindel and Ecthelion of Gondolin. There, he entered a mild relationship. Elen'dae fought in the battle of Gondolin, during which both Glorfindel and Ecthelion were slain, and Gondolin was ultimately destroyed. Dipping and out of the history of the First Age, he escaped the sinking of Beleriand, and found the son of Fingon, son of Fingolfin, his cousin. At this time, Elen'dae had become lord Gil-gwath Agarwaen, the Bloodstained, lord of Angmar, possessed by a demon. The tales tells that "Gil-gwath threw down his sword before the Scion of Kings" though it is believed that Ereinion truly expelled the demon.

       Elen'dae then began a passionate, life relationship with Ereinion, though not always a gentle one. To the High King of the Noldor, he gave his heart. Before the battle of the Last Alliance, Elen'dae caught a premonition and pleaded for Ereinion to not go. In the battle against Sauron, Ereinion Gil-galad fell and Elen'dae was shattered. Hereon Elen'dae wandered for thousands of years, lost, bound into a darkness just shy of death, and an element of suicide. A few others tried to draw him to life again through relationships; including Glorfindel, reborn. Nothing changed, until a fateful spring celebration in Greenwood when he met a quiet healer named Tredorn Cianarion, an Avar. Despite a rough beginning at each other's throats, years later they were bound as mates, and together faced much adversity.

      After the fall of Sauron and the War of the Ring, they adopted a son, a Sinda from Lindon named Saeros. Elen'dae means "star-shadow". His title is Ner'sil, an adaptation from Agarwaen, and his shadowed personality. Elen'dae has trouble controlling a vampiric rage that, if let loose, would kill everything in sight. He is an excellent warrior, and a mage of fire-craft, owning to him a fire-whip and also a strange sword given to him by Fëanor. He inherited the throne of Tirion, and rules the largest kingdom in Valinor.  He was also the bearer of Narya, the Ring of Fire, until the Valar confiscated the rings of power.

Elenion Legolasion       Elenion is the firstborn son of Legolas Thranduilion.  Taking decidedly more after his mother, than his father, Elenion is the twin brother of Anduin, and has both the appearance and personality of a perfect Noldo in the House of Finarphir.  In the war against Aravar when he and his sister were the equivalent of fifteen, Elenion sneaked off to war with Elen'dae, and was followed by Anduin, as both had discovered their own skills in war.  He also learnt a deeper bond with his sister, as he fought to keep her from going insane on the battleground.  Elenion is an ice-mage, though with a temper through the roof when bothered the right way.  He had difficulty coping at first with the fact that he was not normal like his father, then later learned to embrace his interest in boys.  He was by no means the virgin prince when his world was shaken and he met Saeros Ner'silion, his cousin by adoption.  Elenion, with some coaching from Elen'dae, eventually won the young lord as a lover, but it was not until Saeros was kidnapped and taken to Harad by men that Elenion truly realized that he loved him.  Leading the excursion with Sairin his friend, and Anduin, Elenion rescued Saeros and left Elen'dae to kill the man responsible.   Legolas often wonders how his son could have turned out so strikingly different from the family he had been born into, though in an odd way, Elenion brings him much pride.


Curufinwë Fëanáro      While being perhaps the most controversial character in all of Arda, one cannot doubt the influence Fëanor has had upon history.  He was born the son of Finwë, the High King of the Noldor, by Miriel.  Soon afterwards, Miriel died, having spoken that the strength of many children and herself had passed into her firstborn.  And thus she had called him Feanaro, the Spirit of Fire.  Finwë grieved her death greatly, and focused the entirety of his love and attention toward the rearing of Curufinwë.  When he was of an age to come into his own, Fëanor was already strikingly stong and handsome.  His eyes flashed like grey stone, and his hair was dark as a raven's.  Fëanor took an apprenticeship under Mahtan, the craftsman to which Aulë had taught his secrets.

     During this time, Finwë took to himself another wife, Indís of the Vanyar, and she bore to him four children, only two of which are notable in history, the sons Nolofinwë (Fingolfin), and Finarfin.  Fëanor took this not well and despised his half-brothers with a fierce hatred from the moment of their birth.  He looked down upon the Noldor and felt his father was betraying his own mother for the sake of bearing children by another woman.  Rebelling and choosing to make his own way, the eldest prince took Nerdanel, daughter of Mahtan, for a wife, and she became pregnant herself and bore to him over the course of time seven sons.  Meanwhile, Curufinwë's brilliance shone through time and time again, with crafts whose secrets were never learnt and creations for which he took pride and the Noldor celebrated him.  Fëanor invented the Tengwar alphabet, the script pattern for writing that would later dominate most of Arda, even to Gondor.  Along with this achievement,  he made many swords and jewels, the most most famous being the Silmarils, as well as many other inventions such as the Palantiri (seeing stones) which Sauron used in the War of the Ring.  The Silmarils, while not being evil in themselves, brought much evil, for they had been crafted from the anger in their maker's heart.

     Fëanor owned to himself, as well as an anger to boil the seas and passion in all he did, a very charismatic personality, and many of the the people of Finwë fell in love with him, and with his strength.  During the beginning of the uprise of the Noldor, Fëanor began taking counsel often with Melkor of the Valar, and he learnt much of Melkor; but this, because of the poisoning of his own mind, brought much woe to the Noldor.  Upon the spring of one of his later years in Aman, he was introduced to his youngest half-brother Finarfin's son Elen'dae.  Noticing the difference in Elen'dae blood immediately, he took an interest in him to "teach him", and eventually succeeded in taking him to his bed.  At this same time, his eldest son Maedhros and Fingolfin's eldest, Fingon, bonded in secret.  When Elen'dae reached his majority and Finwë was murdered, and the Silmarils stolen, Fëanor showed his true hatred for Finarfin and raped Elen'dae, then took him captive, as he launched into stirring up the Noldor.  Elen'dae was rescued, but Curufinwë - who considered himself to be doing what was right - took his mighty force with him and seized the ships of the Teleri, slaying the people of Alqualondë.

     Fëanáro led his people in a swift attack against Morgoth, pursuing him to the very gates of Angband, where Fëanor fell beneath Gothmog, lord of balrogs.  His sons drew him out of the fire, but he died, and many grieved.  Later, he was released from Mandos, during the Fourth Age, and would prove strangely helpful to both Elen'dae and Arvalin Amrasion, for reasons his own. Mandos had forever changed him.


Galadhen Cianarion   Born with the name Tredorn, meaning "slender oak", Galadhen is the only living son of Cianar of the Taurwaith Avari of Eryn Galen.  An Avar himself, no one knows his date of birth but to place it around the turn of the Second Age.  Cianar was a leader of a group among his people during a time when the Taurwaith were disbanded and struggled for leadership, just shy of anarchy, also known as the Dark Days of the Avari. The bonded brother of Cianar and love interest of a young Tredorn, Arnaedh, murdered his father, though little was it known until later that Arnaedh's body had been voluntarily taken by Sauron when he fled Beleriand, and in return Arnaedh was given Tredorn.  Tredorn was offered a challenge by "Gorthaur" Sauron to stand by his side as a warrior, due to Arnaedh's lust for Cianar's beautiful son, and when he refused, he was raped by Sauron and then claimed by a brand mark in the shape of a slashed s-curve, with the head of a snake upon his thigh.

      For many years to come, Tredorn lived in fear, bound as a whore to the Maia; for though Gorthaur would leave, he would return again and again and again.  Tredorn wished many times to die, but his strength of spirit kept him alive.  After a few centuries, Sauron disappeared.  Not long afterward, a group of the Sindar from the west settled in Eryn Galen, and Oropher became king.  Tredorn developed a great friendship with Thranduil Oropherion, lasting until the Third age, and ehre took the name Galadhen.  He pursued his own craft, that of Master Healer, and became widely known as a teacher and healer, and with his skill with children.  But through his times with Sauron, he had learnt a great strength of mind that would later prove invaluable.

      Galadhen oversaw the birth of Legolas, and of the second child, - as she had been attacked by wargs - neither Gilwing Inglorthil nor her second baby survived the birth.  Living with this guilt as a healer, Galadhen reconciled by aiding Thranduil in raising Legolas.

     One fateful eve of celebration, Galadhen encountered Elen'dae Ner'sil, during the Spring Feast.  And in Elen'dae, the wild quiet heart of the Avar both found its greatest challenge... and its only love.  Years later, he was bound to Elen'dae, after the resurgence of Sauron.  When Sauron had been destroyed, Elen'dae and Galadhen's troubles were not over yet.  After the war in Lindon against Aravar, they adopted a son, Saeros, and Galadhen became the Lord of Tirion in Aman, and consort to the king.

Galadriethil       (Picture Unavailable) Galadriethil or Ethil as he is called by his friends, became Elen’dae’s general after Alethyn relinquished that position. He is a friend of Elen’dae’s sister, Galadriel, and was sent to Elen’dae to help his troops along after Alethyn’s passing. He used to be a Galadhrim, second only to Haldir. However, one day Galadriel called him into her talan and asked him if he wanted to be the general of the army of Tirion, and who in their right mind would pass up an opportunity like that? Nobody, that’s who, so Galadriethil became the general of Tirion’s army. Galadriethil began to teach Saeros how to fight when he had come to live in Tirion with Elen’dae, but because the youngling had become so popular with people and the young males of Tirion he had never finished his training. Something Saeros would regret not doing later.

Glorfindel        Glorfindel was the first captain of Turgon’s guards in Gondolin. Not much is known of him before that, only that he was rumored to be somewhat related to Galadriel.  Glorfindel first met Elen’dae when the red-eyed Elda came to Gondolin to visit his cousins Turgon and Aredhel. He was so intrigued by Elen’dae, that he asked Aredhel, the sister of his king, to tell him a bit more about him. Aredhel told Glorfindel that Elen’dae had been used by Curufinwë Fëanáro when he had been just a few years shy of his majority. Glorfindel found out from watching Elen’dae that the younger elf wasn’t quick to trust people and usually stayed back away from the rest of the population, either by Turgon or Aredhel.  Glorfindel decided that more than anything he wanted to befriend the other eldar.

      The Golden Lord had a lover at the time, the Lord of the Fountain, Ecthelion. Ecthelion was the second captain of Turgon’s guards, and did not know much of Elen’dae. He merely learned more of him as Glorfindel became more obsessed with the half-vampyre.  In the end, Glorfindel won the friendship of Elen’dae, but the crossblood again found himself in someone else’s bed. This time instead of it being only one other elf, it was two. Ecthelion found himself also entranced with Elen’dae and the two elder elves shared him.  Glorfindel quickly found out that it was not a good idea to play around with Elen’dae. The Prince of Tirion fought and won against Glorfindel and Ecthelion, and thus stepped back into the comforting arms of his family.

      When Glorfindel found out that he had hurt Elen’dae, he did nearly everything in his power to make it up to him.  It ended up taking Glorfindel two-hundred years to win Elen’dae’s friendship back. Gondolin was destroyed a few hundred years later and Ecthelion and Glorfindel were slain protecting it. Elen’dae was also there, but ended up proving that elves just were not meant to fight balrogs, at least, not normal Eldar.  Glorfindel was reborn some millennia later and ended up clinging to Elen’dae once again; and though the Lord of Tirion and the Golden Lord are finished relationship wise, Glorfindel often tries to rekindle the old fire - when he is not joyously making Thranduil's life interesting.


Lorelleth Thranduiliel       Lorelleth was Thranduil and Anarwyn’s first child, the little girl who started everything, and also Thranduil's only daughter. Lorelleth is a blonde girl with deep sea-green eyes and a soft lady-like personality. She has no use for swords or daggers and is very much “Ada’s little girl”. Anarwyn is quite sure that her daughter’s Fëa is the same as the child that Thranduil lost with his last wife Gilwing. One of the reasons backing this assumption is that Lorelleth clings to Thranduil more than she does to Anarwyn. Though she loves her mother, it is quite clear who her favorite parent is.  as she grew into age to seek a mate, Lorelleth's attentions moved in the direction of Elandi Gwaironion.


Saeros Ner’silion       Saeros was, unfortunately, one of the unlucky children to be captured during the reign of Aravar Calengwa in the realm of Lindon. He does not remember much of his childhood, only that it was dark and painful. Saeros was taken from his family when he was about four years of age and given to Lord Aravar as a bedmate. Saeros has no knowledge of his parents or where he came from, but he does know a lot of things that someone of his age should not.  Saeros can speak at least five different languages; Pre-Númenorean, Quenya, Sindarin, Khuzdul and the Black Tongue. He also has a strange relationship with all fell-horses in Ennor.

      He escaped the confines of Lindon and the ruthlessness of Aravar by way of a fell-horse he called "Nightmare" and his companions. The horse knew of a half-vampyre lord who could take care and protect the child better than any other elf within the realm, so Saeros was taken to Elen’dae.  Saeros had tried escaping before, but was either always sent back or found by Aravar.

      When Saeros arrived in Eryn Galen he was broken and sickly. Because of Galadhen’s past, the Avarin healer immediately took a liking to the small child. Saeros was adopted by Galadhen (against Elen’dae’s liking at the beginning, since he was sure the child would "be the down fall of my sex life") and in time made the Heir of Tirion.  Saeros returned to Eryn Galen, now called Eryn Lasgalen, and entranced the heart and mind of Legolas’ eldest child, Elenion Legolasion.  Afterwards, however, Saeros' moral ways degraded over time.  He found relations with others as inviting as his relationship with Elenion.  Galadhen has many a time worried for the future, and tried to keep Saeros' walking a truer path.


Tathrensul Legolasion     (Picture unavailable) Tathren was Della’s third and (currently) last child. He was born at the end of the War of the Ring and his birth was a difficult one on Della. Tathren is the only child in Della’s immediate line with red hair like Maedhros, Ambarussa, and Nerdanel. He also, unlike Della or Legolas, has a pair of deep green eyes which makes him look more Fëanorian than Legolasion. Tathren became, with the appearance of Fëanor, suddenly much more important. According to Námo, who had recently come down from the heavens to visit with Ereinion, Tathren is the same soul that was of Amras in a new body. Námo told Legolas specific rules to teach Tathren, that he not follow in the path of his old ways once again.

     When Tathren was a youngling yet, he developed a deeper affection for his separate twin, Calon, who had been delivered to the care of Maedhros and Fingon by the Valar.  They began a relationship in secret, and it remained thus until far into the Fifth Age.