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The CoT Timeline

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The CoT Storyline


     Chronicles of Tirion basically travels  several deviated timelines, from the Silmarillion to the modern year of 2005.  This is an AU universe, so it is common to have deviations in the timeline and storyline of Middle Earth.  Don't sue us, just read the Disclaimers page.  And if you do not know the references to Tolkien's timeline, then we suggest that you find them.


The Silmarillion Storyline

Feanor's Youth -- stories set while Curufinwe Feanaro was still young, and had not yet become aran of Tirion

Innocence Lost -- The darkening of Valinor, the corruption of Feanor, and rape of Elen'dae following through until the Kinslaying at Alqualonde

Heirs of Fire -- Feanor is slain by the hand of Melkor, and it is for Maedhros to take on his legacy and the Oath.  Fingon leads Fingolfin's perilous quest across the ice plains of Helcaraxe to Middle Earth once more.  Maglor weds Siriondil and Elen'dae is sold into slavery.  Follows the house of Finwe through the Silmarillion until the destruction of Beleriand.

The Unseen Storyline

Son of the Taurwaith (not yet archived) -- When Cianar, lord of many Avari, is slain his eldest son, the slender Tredorn, is branded and taken into slavery to serve Gorthaur, the right hand of Morgoth.

The Peaceful Time -- stories set after Thranduil rescued Tredorn and gave him the name Galadhen, and Galadhen became a master healer second only to Elrond Peredhel.  Follows through to the Third Age, just before the War of the Ring

Chance Meeting (not archived yet) --  Elen'dae Ner'sil and Tredorn Cianarion meet for the first time when Elen'dae comes to overthrow Dol Guldor, Sauron's fortress in Eryn-galen.

The Last Alliance Storyline

The Rings -- Celebrimbor, son of Curufin Feanorion, takes Elen'dae as a lover while making a peace between he and "Annatar".  Suspecting that Annatar is Melkor's right hand, Celebrimbor, crafts only the rings of men and dwarves with him, while creating to elven rings in secret.  Nenya he gives to Galadriel.  Vilya he gives to Ereinion Gil-galad.   Narya he gives to Elen'dae.  Celebrimbor is then slain by Gorthaur.

The War -- Elen'dae is Ereinion's friend, mightiest warrior, and courtesan.  Arvalin Amrasion is a mighty general.  Elen'dae sees a vision that Ereinion will be slain and begs him not to go to Mordor.  Not heeding the word, Ereinion is slain by Sauron and Elen'dae duels Sauron for the first time in rage.  Arvalin is injured bitterly by Elen'dae's sword and does not heal.

The Elen'dae and Galadhen Storyline

Shadow's Song Part 1 -- Set just before the War of the Ring.  Elen'dae comes to Eryn-galen for the Tuile festival and discovers the Master Healer of Greenwood.  In a bitter rage about his own past, Elen'dae nearly slays Galadhen, only to discover the truth about Tredorn Cianarion.  Elen'dae chooses to take Galadhen to Tirion for safekeeping, while he brings his first unsuccessful assault to bear on Mordor.  He is nearly slain.  Alethyn, Elen'dae's general and lover of Gillaron of Greenwood, is slain.  Galadhen's brand is destroyed, and Elen'dae and Galadhen are wed in Lorien.  Dwarendel weds Legolas, the son of Thranduil.  Anarwyn meets Thranduil  (more pending, but part 1 is being re-written for continuity)

Shadow's Song Part 2 -- Elen'dae receives word in Eryn-galen  that Tirion is under siege.  Elen'dae, Galadhen, Legolas, Dwarendel, Narsilion, and Elandi descend upon Tirion to take the broken kingdom back from the hand of Aneron.  Dwarendel gives birth to twins Elenion and Anduin in a hidden place during the battle with Legolas.  Aneron and Alorui flee.  Galadhen seeks to find Aneron and is seduced by him.  Chaos ensues with Elen'dae; Galadhen is sent to Greenwood.  In the meantime, Thranduil and Anarwyn wed and Anarwyn becomes queen of Greenwood and gives birth to Lorelleth.  Aneron and Alorui are banished on pain of death.  (more pending, due to Part 1 rewrites)

Shadow's Song Part 3 -- The War of the Ring is brewing in Middle earth.  Elen'dae, ringbearer of Narya, is summoned to the Council of Elrond.  Legolas motions to join the Fellowship of the Ring, and the decision is made to carry the One Ring into Mordor.  Galadhen is taken captive by the Lieutenant of Sauron and tortured in the bowels of Orodruin.  Elenion and Anduin discover ther powers.  Elen'dae forges a duplicate of the One Ring. As Frodo makes it to Orodruin, and the last battle rages, Elen'dae confronts Sauron. The One Ring and Mordor are destroyed.  Galadhen's life is spared.  Dwarendel gives birth to Tathrensul.  Anarwyn gives birth to Sairin

Shadow's Song Part 4 -- The dawn of Sauron's destruction brings the rise of a new lord, more powerful than Sauron.  Aravar Calengwa occupies the lands of Lindon, gathering the army of the dead.  Elend'ae unites power with Gondor, Rohan, and Lasgalen  for a full-scale war upon the warriors that cannot be slain.  Elenion and Anduin go to war.  Elen'dae is captured and enslaved.  Galadhen and Ereinion set about to save him.  Casting off the cloak of a healer, Galadhen reveals the warrior prowess of the Avari and Aravar is defeated.  Elen'dae and Galadhen adopt Saeros.

Shadow's Song Part 5 --  Elenion Legolasion is a warrior of his own coming to age.  He and Saeros meet for the first time in a hundred years and become lovers.  Anduin falls prey to nightmares and evidence points to her for the murder of a friend, and Sairin struggles to save her.  (more pending, due to Part 5 rewrites)

The Modern Storyline